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David Foster Independent
for Congress VA 2

Patriot, 1A, 2A, BSBA Economics, Minor French Christopher Newport College 87′, Private Pilot Certificate, Naval Aircrewman Rating AW Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator Class Leader, Search & Rescue Swimmer, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Flight Instructor CFII Ratings, Multi Engine Land, Small Business Owner Legal Eagle Process Service 10 years Los Angeles, Santa Monica Taxi, Class A Trucker CA, VA, Hampton Newport News Taxi, Small Business Owner Colonial Lawn Care, School Bus Driver York County VA, Small Business Owner Greener Lawn Care LLC.

When to Vote

November 3, 2020

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Last Day to Register to Vote Tuesday 10/13/20

What I Stand For


Pro Life VS. Woman’s Choice

Reform Abortion Laws

Reform Adoption Laws

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Continue Tax Cuts

Increase Wages

Increase Net Income Before Taxes

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Complete The Wall

Pathway To Citizenship

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Reform Dept. Education

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Reduce Opioids

Offer Safe Non Toxic Medicine

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Maintain Strong Ready Force

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Soil Air Water

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Solar Hydro Wind Geothermal

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Citizen Photo I.D

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1 A

Free Speech Isn’t Hate Speech

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2 A

Shall Not Be Infringed

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Trillion $$ Industry Worldwide

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Why David Foster is Running for Congress

Ever since Donald J. Trump came down the escalator with Melania the fix had started simply because Donald Trump is an outsider. Soon to be called a “Congressional COUP” shortly after the 2016 election when many Congressional members were shouting “we’ll impeach Trump”! America has never seen such great progress with tax cuts, wall street, employment, wages, military, veterans affairs, regulation cuts, manufacturing, TPP, ended Paris agreement on climate change mitigation, replaced NAFTA for USMCA, building the wall, relocated U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

I made a vow to myself that if District 2 Democrat Congresswoman voted to impeach Trump on 2 Articles of opinions or non crimes I would devote my time and finances to get on the November ballot. I know if I don’t make this effort I would have no excuses moving forward in my life to complain about the crisis we have in Congress and the D.C. Swamp! I’m reaching out to new candidates and asking to join my squad to do battle on 11/3. Vowing to prosecute all 2016 ongoing coup traitors, and ISIS supporters in congress, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, FISC past and present and return the stolen money back to the U.S.T. We are at Congressional War and we need real patriot warriors in a hyper majority house and senate in order to rid the Halls of Congress of these corrupt politicians. They have abused their oaths of office and self enriched their families from the various schemes returning our tax $$ from foreign countries like Ukraine. China gave Hunter Biden 1.5 B into his private equity company he opened for the sole purpose of this transaction. Additionally, a $30 million maintenance fee for this account.