Please Donate

February 6, 2021

Dear Patriots,

We are at a point in this great Nation for the first time where our Constitution has been under direct assault from our own Congress and foreign nations who seek to annihilate our Republic. Now that we know Dominion Voting machines are designed specifically to steal an Election through the patented “weighted race” feature which violates our 14th Amendment 1 person 1 vote. Also, Dominions ability to have direct access to the internet at anytime during the Election also violates State Laws. You see friends, all the Governors and State Secretaries who certified the use of Dominion knowing 100% of it’s illegal abilities to steal any Election means they all committed an act of Treason. This is not hyperbole, this is literally what happened.

I am now seeking through the FOIA process to have copies of all the photo images taken of every Absentee, Mail-in, Early voting and Ballots cast on November 3, 2020 in the General Election for District 2 Virginia. Due to the cost of acquiring this information and the likelihood of having to use the Courts to force our rights to this public information, I am now going to have to ask for many small donations to keep this fight alive. Following me on my live Facebook videos and sharing this message and process we all can step up all across America and help in this egregious injustice that simply has to be resolved.

I have decided to include my mailing address for those who can offer something in the form of a personal check or money order. I have decided for now the fees associated with the company’s who process credit cards in this process for donations is too costly in my opinion. Additionally, your information will be kept off the internet and from those company’s who process credit cards. Let’s all think about getting back to the good ole days. I will look into a mailbox at the post office if the situation requires me to. For now I say Thanks for what you can provide for all of America and together we will not stop or quit until the evidence is seen and heard.

David Foster

4106 Piney Swamp Rd

Hayes, VA 23072