DON’T Donate

I David Foster Independent Candidate VA 2 here by pledge: NO DONATIONS!

This will give you the guarantee I’m not here for the money but to fight for all Americans and hold those in Congress the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, FISC agencies and others accountable to their violations to their oaths of office, Sedition. I’m fighting for prosecutions of those egregious acts against our Constitution and Bill of Rights and all Americans who for generations see the corruption with no prosecutions. I believe the Rule of Law + Rule of Prosecution = Peace and Harmony for all Americans. 2020 Foresight is the year for real representation in a House and Senate that will Vow to eliminate the Politicians who believe they “are above the Law”. Lets stop talking and reach out to all your contacts and demand they do the same to get voters across America to ask their New and Incumbent Patriot Warrior Candidates running for the 117th Fighting Congress to Vow to demand these known “Unindicted Criminals” past and present be held accountable. We the People demand seizure of their assets and fortunes they stole and return the money back to the United States Treasury. This is the last chance to make real changes within our Government and return Honor, Integrity and Respect back to the Hallowed Halls of Congress for WTP.

Your Vote will matter if we all get together in this Grassroots Endeavor and make the efforts needed to get me to the “117th Fighting Congress” to restore Honor, Integrity and Respect back to the Hallowed Halls of Congress for WTP. A Call to Duty for All Patriot Americans.